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PARKY, a unique parking safety solution that lets you communicate with the vehicle (the owner of the vehicle). Your vehicle’s PARKY QR Decal enables people to contact you whenever necessary. Therefore, if you have parked your car in a spot that is bothering someone, they can quickly get in touch with you so you can take the appropriate action. Due to this dialogue, the person is less likely to become irate and harm your vehicle, saving you money and time!

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Secured Notifications

Emergency Alerts

Safeguard Documents

Expiry Reminders

Offline Notifications

Secured Notifications

Emergency Alerts

Safeguard Documents

Expiry Reminders

Offline Notifications

What is Parky?

Parky offers a seamless and comprehensive solution to the parking hassle. PARKY offers you a QR Decal through which you can be contacted, if your vehicle is disturbing someone. This unique platform allows people to contact the owner of the vehicle without disclosing the mobile numbers.

Why Parky is a must?

With Parky technology, eliminate the troubles of parking and secure your vehicle anywhere, every time! The one-of-a-kind app and service helps you to stay informed about your automobile, connects with your family in trouble and allows you to get in touch with the other Parky application user without sharing any detail.

How Parky is going to be helpful for Traffic Police & Residence of City?

Parky helps in avoiding parking fights

As Parking pangs get a whole lot worse in the tricity, Parky shall act as a fight resolution model. For example, there are various instances, wherein haphazard parking results into quarrel, deflating of car tyres, damaging of cars etc. With the QR placed on the windshield, anyone can contact the owner of the car causing trouble within seconds and that too without breach of privacy. Hence, it shall be helpful to the police since it saves their time from such petty issues!


Parky shall be useful in road accident cases

During the time of accidents, it gets very difficult to contact the near and dear ones of the driver/family. Parky can help the police in tracing the family members of the driver with its feature of Emergency Alerts.

Lights of your vehicle left on or windows of car left open?

Get notified with PARKY. You can be informed by anyone who scans the QR on the windshield. Additionally, it saves battery drainage of your vehicle.

If someone parks their vehicle in front of your vehicle/house

There is no need to wait for the owner of the vehicle to return. Within seconds, QR Decal on his vehicle can be scanned and the owner can be contacted.

E- Challans

Being a comprehensive solution to all your problems, Parky displays details of E- Challans pending against you.

Get notified instantly

Get notified about the expiry of your documents (Like RC, Pollution certificate, Insurance, driving license) through Parky.

Store your documents digitally

Safeguards your documents (like RC, pollution certificate, Insurance, driving license) by storing them digitally.

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How To Install

Follow the below directions for installing the Parky application on your device:

1. Install and download the Parky application available on iOS and Android platforms.
2. Enter the owner’s mobile number details on the next displayed screen and tap on the Submit button.
3. After that, for the user registration, details need to filled for – Name, Address, Pincode, State, City, Email address, Emergency contacts (skip referral code) , thereafter accept the terms and conditions and click on Submit.
4. Now a new page is displayed wherein details regarding Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Vehicle Type (two wheeler or four wheeler), Color and Model (mention the car name) need to be mentioned. Just mentioning the above details, open the Parky kit, and click on the option of Kit Number to scan the respected QR available in the kit. Thereafter, continue by entering the submit button.
5. Now since, the parky app is installed. There are few last steps to be followed. Firstly, click on the view details option (mentioned right below the vehicle number) , doing so, a page would be displayed wherein you can upload your vehicle documents by clicking the camera icon displayed below the Documents heading. You can either click the photo afresh on the spot or you may choose the respective photo from gallery. Edit and crop the picture as required. Now, after uploading the document picture, select the document type uploaded i.e. Registration, Insurance, Pollution, and Driving license. And also set the expiry date of the document in the respective column. Click on the DONE button. With this, you will be reminded whenever you document would expire so that you can get it timely renewed.

How It Works

Parky is an answer to all your parking issues as it bridges the communication gap with the owner of the vehicle. Through in-app alerts, calls and SMS if you are offline, keeps you updated with the parking solutions. You do not have to stay online as Parky notifies you offline too. The 3M Quality Parky QR Decal works as an identity card to vehicles and maintains the owner’s privacy.

Price for New/Reorder

The product is user friendly and comes at an affordable price of Rs 799/- with a validity for 5 years. After a period of 5 years, the subscription is to be renewed. One is just required to stick the QR Decal on the left-hand side of the windscreen and download the application PARKY. The application can be downloaded from App Store as well as Play Store. Hence the application is suitable for android as well as IOS users.

New QR Decal

PARKY QR Decal let others know that your vehicle is PARKY PROTECTED and they can connect to you by simply scanning it.

Reorder QR Decal

Replace your mutilated PARKY QR Decal with new one. Click here to REORDER


Media Coverage

Below is a glimpse of the launch event of Parky in the tricity which was covered by several media houses.

Highlights in Aaj Samaj

Highlights in Chandigarh Bhaskar

Highlights in Aaj Samaj

Highlights in “State Samachar”

Highlights in Chandigarh Kesari

Highlights in Uttarakhand Live

Further, Rajasthan Government has made Parky mandatory at advisory level. The media coverage of the same has been presented below:

PARKY has been made mandatory at advisory level by the Rajasthan Government. The media highlight & official letter from Rajasthan Government has been presented below:
W.e.f 15-05-2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Parky is a parking solution to all your vehicle parking issues as it bridges the communication gap with the owner of the vehicle.

PARKY QR Decal on your vehicle helps people to connect with the user whenever required. The user parks their vehicle at any spot which might be a reason or issue for someone. With the help of Parky QR Decal, the person can easily contact with them so that they can take necessary action. This process of communication allows the user to take decisions on time, maintain privacy, and doesn’t damage the vehicle thus, saves money and time.

The application keeps updating the user through in-app alerts, calls and SMS in case if the user is offline, keeps you updated with the parking solutions they bring.

The user can enjoy Parky updates even if they are offline.

During the time of emergency, Parky helps to connect the vehicle owner for multiple reasons via in-app alerts, SMS and even call. The application does not disclose the user’s identity or contact details while connecting with another person.

Yes, the user will be notified by anyone if the vehicle is being towed away.

Yes, the user can save e-copy of their vehicle’s documents on application.

Parky notifies the user regarding the validity of documents such as Driving license, pollution certificate and insurance which are due to expire.

Follow the directions mentioned in the LINK.

The 3M Quality Parky QR Decal works as an identity card to vehicles and maintains the owner’s privacy.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the LINK

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